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The first photoshoot of the year is finally here! Sophie was photographed for the Summer 2017 issue of Crash magazine and she looks great. Digital scans and outtakes have been added to our gallery. Enjoy!

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I have added digital scans from the latest issue of STATUS magazine. Sophie and her upcoming projects (including more photos from ‘Gypsy’) are featured so make sure to check them out!

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On May 29, Sophie looked lovely as she attended the Gucci Cruise 2018 Show in Florence, Italy.

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Entertainment Weekly released a first look at upcoming Netflix series ‘Gypsy’ starring Sophie as Sidney and Naomi Watts. Below you’ll find a still from one of the episodes:

Across the freshman drama’s 10-episode first season, Watts, a two-time Oscar nominee (here venturing into episodic TV for the first time since fronting the short-lived NBC mystery Sleepwalkers in 1997), stars as Jean Holloway, an established New York City therapist who, on paper, has the perfect life: a notable career, a spacious home in the Connecticut suburbs, a successful lawyer husband (Billy Crudup), and a bright young child. What she lacks, however, is restraint. Jean’s insatiable curiosity ultimately sees her skirting ethical lines and blurring the borders of professional reality and personal fantasy, piecing together the fragments of her patients’ admissions while stealthily forging forbidden relationships — some more physical than others — with the people in their lives.

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